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Alma Mater Chiloniensis, Kiel's university, was founded with a ceremony at Nikolaikirche (Church of St Nicholas) on Monday, 5 October 1665. Soon after, the university took on the name of its founder and has since been known as Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU). The number of students at the university is approximately 24 000, and the range of subjects offered cover economics, the natural sciences, agriculture, engineering, and science of education. In the former workplace of Max Planck and Heinrich Hertz, a teaching staff of 600 passes on their knowledge to students from Germany and more than a hundred other countries. The lectures will take place at the physics department.


Kiel is the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state of Germany, between Denmark and Hamburg. Schleswig-Holstein is the land between the seas, it is located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Kiel is at the east end of the Kiel Canal, the world's busiest artificial waterway, which connects the Baltic Sea with the North Sea. As a major harbor, Kiel is the home of the Gorch Fock, a tall ship of the German Navy.

Kiel is also the home of the largest sailing event in the world, the Kieler Woche which takes place every year at the end of June.

Besides sailing (Olympic Games 1936 and 1972), Kiel is also famous for Handball (German record Champion THW Kiel), soccer (German Champion 1912 Holstein Kiel), football (German Champion 2010), smoked fish (Kieler Sprotten) and the uniform of D. Duck (Kieler Anzug).

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