ISNet is an SME founded in 2002. ISNet started with the design and production of Meteorological Systems, data acquisition systems and database systems for airports, scientific experiments and educational institutions (Universities, Technical Universities etc). Its products are installed in airports, universities, and government organizations and agencies.

ISNet has wide experience in hardware development and the production of embedded systems, acquisition systems and computational systems. It also holds expertise in software development of real time applications, data mining and data manipulation applications, database design and administering, web server design, administering and development. It participates in the FP7/Neutron Monitor Database (NMDB), and the ESA SSA project and in an number of national projects. 

ISNet designed, developed, implemented and currently supports the GLE Alert Plus forecasting solution. It has been largely involved in projects that require a database storage of scientific data, registration of data from various sensors and presentation of such data in many different formats.

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