HESPERIA project will provide two novel SEP catalogs.

HESPERIA event catalog

This catalog will contain the newly identified proton events, their onset and peak times and peak intensity as observed in SOHO/ERNE 14-17 MeV energy channel. The signatures of IP shock acceleration and other local CIR/SIR acceleration will be excluded. Solar source association (flare and CME properties) will be reported for each event where identification is possible. Overview plots will be provided for each event.

HESPERIA catalog based on Fermi/LAT long-duration flare events

About 25 events from the HESPERIA event catalog will be analyzed in great details. Information on the SEP identification from various in-situ particle observations will be provided in terms of SEP onset, peak times and peak intensity, both at L1 and from the STEREO view-points. In addition, the accompanied electromagnetic emissions will be analyzed and the relevant information will also be listed. Representative overview plots will be given.

Both catalogs will be posted on-line in a web-integrated table-form. A detailed description on the information in the data tables will be included at this website.

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